I love building companies! 

The industries vary - finance, real estate, food, media - but for 20 years, I’ve combined creative strategy and diligent execution to drive growth.

Currently, as a Partner in Eaters Drinkers, I push deliciousness: discovery for consumers; better product choices and promotions for food & beverage companies. Our projects go deep into the operations: visibility for NYC’s most instagrammed noodles; business process overhaul for an iconic hot dog brand that was struggling; key partnerships for a booze tech startup; concept, financing and brand management of restaurants and bars with super-talented chefs and drink makers; US strategy and launch management for lots of overseas brands… So much deliciousness! 

Prior to forming Eaters Drinkers, I ran several startups and turnarounds as a hands-on executive. I rejuvenated the fading USA business and launched Latin America for RICS. I designed and promoted innovative financial products for Meredith & Co, a $1.4 billion fund. Early in my career, I worked in both consulting and banking. Not every job was perfect - I also briefly worked for “the incubator of incubators" - but I’ve learned plenty from the failures too. 

I'm always on the lookout for the next opportunity, the next challenge.


I was born in NYC, then raised mostly in the suburbs, by an art-dealer mom and a surgeon dad. After a lovely childhood, I headed off to Stanford, to study economics and English. The combination still suits me: imagine broadly; analyze rigorously and make fact-based decisions; tell the story cleverly. 

Grad school at MIT sharpened my analytic tools and surrounded me with entrepreneurs. My team took second place in the startup competition with a music discovery company. As founder of the Lasagna Collective (huge... on Friendster) I hosted dinners in 12 cities. I still love that startup world - and continue to build communities around discovery.

I travel all over, often in pursuit of food, usually with a camera. Home in NYC, I host tasting events, mentor young entrepreneurs and hopeful adults, ride a 1971 Hercules bike, meditate, frequent museums, support trumpet players, cook big meals for friends and family... 

It's a grand life!